Our Small Farm Story


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When we decided to start our family in the heart of oil country, we never dreamt  we would be able to have land of our own. Four years later we have our own small farm! After watching videos of other families joining the small farm movement, raising quality food, and making natural products for their families while getting closer to nature and each other, we decided that we needed to do the same. It wasn’t easy. We learned the hard way how to keep happy, healthy animals, and make the most with what life sends our way. This change has been a lot of work for our families, but the rewards are great, and we want to share them with you.

We realize that not all families have the land or the time to raise their own meat and make their own soap. That is why we have made it our mission to deliver high quality poultry, pork, dairy, eggs, and beauty products to everyone we can. We want you to be involved as well. We want to show you what life is like for a small family on a small farm with big dreams. The highs, the lows, and everything in between will be shown in our blogs and newsletters. With our herd share dairy program you can even own a part of the farm. We can’t wait to take you on this journey with us!

Have a question? Got an old story or recipe from back in the day when everyone lived the homestead life? Want to request a certain product you can’t find anywhere else?

Tell us! Message, email, call, or text, we are here for you and love to hear your comments and stories. Or better yet stop in and see us and our booth at the many markets we do around the state all year!


Goat Milk Soap & Bath Products

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Our soap is made with raw whole goat’s milk and natural oils to make an extremely moisturizing soap for your hands, body, hair, and face. With all-natural colorants and skin safe fragrances and essential oils, our products are great for any skin type at any age. Try out our hard lotion bars with no preservatives or chemicals like your regular cream lotions and our amazing milk baths for an all-around wonderful skin care regimen.

Pastured Pork

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This is not your typical white meat pork. This is 100% Mangalitsa, red meat, white fat, pork, with a taste so good you’ll wonder why anyone ever started eating grocery store chops. Raised on pasture with a corn free, soy free grain mix, this breed is a slower grower, but it is worth the wait! Imported from Hungary these pigs have what it takes to thrive in our fridged winters. Just look at that wooly coat!

All our pork is butchered in an inspected butcher shop in North Dakota. We have whole and half hogs available, as well as custom cuts for those with less freezer space!

Want to grow your own bacon? Contact us about our 100% Mangalitsa breeding stock available this winter!

Dairy Herd Share

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If you want fresh goats milk for your family, this is the way to do it! By purchasing a share in our dairy goat herd, you are entitled to your portion of the milk they provide. We are very lucky to live in a state that allows this option for people to have access to fresh local dairy. While goat’s milk has the same proteins as cow’s milk it can be easier to digest for those who are lactose intolerant.

Cheese and fudge coming soon as well!

Pastured Poultry

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No hormones or antibiotics. No corn or soy. Non-GMO. Just a bird raised the way nature intended. We offer bulk chicken orders as well as bi-weekly subscription style pickups for those with less room in the freezer or wanting fresher chicken for the table. We will also be raising turkeys again for the holidays. Butcher is planned for October but be sure to get your deposit in early if you want a naturally raised bird for your table!