Our Small Farm Story

From city kids to a small family with a small farm.

If you had asked us 5 years ago what we thought we would be doing with our lives now, I guarantee you neither Joey or I would have said milking goats every day! Joey was about to start his career in law enforcement and I (Hannah) was working in the oilfield. Two years later we were married and living in the small town of Stanley, ND. Sick of living in our 3rd floor apartment we lucked into a small house with land close to town. Now Joey will tell you that I had the chickens purchased before we even closed on the house, and maybe I did, but what can I say, I had caught the homestead bug! Now two years later we have 6 goats (more coming soon), 14 chickens (we had over 100 at the high point the first summer), 13 pigs, and a beautiful baby boy.

We are so happy that we can put our land and all the new skills we have learned to use to help our community. We understand that not everyone has the land or time to live the homestead lifestyle, so we have decided to provide that to as many families as we can through our meat, dairy, and lifestyle products. We also hope to bring you along with us on our journey through our blog and newsletters.

Have a question? Got an old story or recipe from back in the day when everyone lived the homestead life? Want to request a certain product you can’t find anywhere else?

Tell us! Message, email, call, or text, we are here for you and love to hear your comments and stories. Or better yet stop in and see us and our booth at the many markets we do around the state all year!